Christophe David

CNRS research engineer (IR CN)

After studying at the University of Orsay, I obtained a DUT in Physical Measurements and Materials and joined the CNRS at the L2M (Microstructures and Microelectronics Laboratory) in Bagneux. I joined France Telecom's research laboratories in 1992 as an assistant engineer in the nanoelectronics group. I built nanostructures and supported an emerging near-field characterization activity on a commercial system. This activity developed with the aim of spectroscopic measurements under ultra-high vacuum and low temperature. Between 2001 and 2018, I joined the LPN (photonics and nanostructures laboratory) located in Marcoussis and coupled to the III/V Lab.  In 2007, following the development of an original nano-lithography technique, I became a design engineer in materials science and near-field microscopy characterization. Then, in 2009, I moved on, following an essential contribution to the realization of a first demonstration of spin-polarized measurements (SP-STM) by the realization of magnetic tips and their TEM characterizations by the LPN structural analysis team, as well as my contribution to setting up a project for a new instrument dedicated to this unique technique. Finally, in 2018, I took part in the creation of C2N (nanoscience and nanotechnologies). At PANAM in the Materials department, I'm in charge of AFM surface analysis and near-field experimental development for the whole of C2N, with a fleet of 4 AFMs (atomic force microscopes). I also support a research activity in microscopy and tunnel spectroscopy (STM/STS) to explore the electronic and structural properties of materials at the atomic scale. These two facilities operate under ultra-high vacuum and low temperature, one of which is equipped with a 3-axis magnetic field.

Activities focus on nanostructures based on III-V semiconductors, Si/Ge, new 2D materials, functional oxides and metals.










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